Who am I?

Hello. My name is Yavor. Below you can find short info for me.


I adore traveling. Any kind. It is movement along the Path. Its beauty is not only in the miles you have traveled, but most of all — in the horizons that are revealed in front of your sight. Adventures begin with traveling. Reaching any destination begin with traveling. Anytime you meet something new — it has begun with traveling. And now you are here because of your traveling (throughout the Internet). Welcome! :)


My other big passion is photography (i.e. — writing with light). :) I am not a professional; it’s kind of amateurish passionate work. For that purpose I use the digital photography’s tools, supplies and skills. Or just those supplies and skills that I have earned while traveling along the timeline. :) Here, in section “Photography”, you can find photographs that are valuable to me for one reason or another.


  • I am working as a web developer. ’Till now. And for now. :) I am using standard stack of technologies, paying more attention to the presentation layer of the web pages/apps;
  • To compose the battle scenes among the UTF-8’s warriors I am using software without unnecessary license claims;
  • In case of questions, comments, and/or criticism (constructive), or if you want to just say “Hello”, feel yourself invited to use the contact form below.