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The Photography

For me it is one of the ways to describe the world, as I know it, without words — as I see it, as I feel it. Such as I want it to be. Just like a recreated idealized idea of The Universe. And us (as a micro Universe). As a bright spark, a part of the fractal grid of The Creation. A memory of a real dream, painted by the eye’s joy.

Each photograph is one frozen moment of feelings and memories which are bringing to us the echo of the “here and now”’s bell. They (the photographs) allows us to pass over the borders of the world as we know it. Everyone who dared to see in this way, finds himself on The Way. It is traced by the Spiral of Consciousness. And it is Endless. There Time and Space are concepts illusionary and the only limits are those of imagination and dreams.

I define myself as a seeker of the magical moments of sealing the beauty of the views in the form of a pouring light caught eagerly by the lens and woven by the sensor as a colorful rug that carries the charm of the rainbow. :)

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My gear

ƒ(shoot) = 2Nikon + 2Nikkor + Sigma + Tokina. :)